Since 2009, hundreds of people have made their fitness work at the associated gyms of Relentless Strength & Conditioning – CrossFit Relentless, CrossFit 033, and CrossFit Ironworks. Below, find a small sampling of what these people have gained from training with us.

The coaches are extremely knowledgeable and emphasize proper form above all. They will work with your fitness level and adjust the workouts appropriately so that everyone is challenged in a safe and proper manner. The other members of the gym are friendly and supportive and the atmosphere you will find is unlike any typical gym. In short, give it a try. You will be challenged by the workouts, pushed and supported by the team like atmosphere and properly guided by knowledgeable coaches that know when to push you and when to scale back. You will go home sore and tired after the workouts. . . but looking forward to the next time you will go!

John Farnsworth

The concept of “scaling” a workout was one that was hard for me to understand before I joined CrossFit 033 – but it’s a concept that makes it possible for each person to succeed and push themselves just the right amount so they can progress. The coaches at CrossFit 033 pay close attention to your abilities and experience and do a great job at making sure each workout is tailored to your capabilities. I’ve watched world class athletes and people who are very out of shape work out side by side doing variations of the same workout and each come away from the workout feeling like they just won.

Evelyn Noonan

I had taken time off and regressed through the end of Paramedic school. I had goals and being as fit as possible needed to be incorporated in that. You welcomed me with open arms and made me feel very comfortable. You listened to what my goals were and supported me as much as possible. When I landed my dream job as a Firefighter/Paramedic, you said “Get here 5 days a week and you’ll crush the academy”. So, it’s only the first week in the fire academy and while I’m the third oldest dude here and I’m smokin mofos!!! Feels damn good man.

Thanks again,
Jed Morrissey

Jed Morrissey


Does the owner of your gym know every single member that walks through the door?? Because the owner of this gym does. There is no way you’ll slip through the cracks at this place or feel like you don’t belong. The workouts are structured and varied in a way that will keep pushing you and prevent plateaus. The coaches are some of the most knowledgeable I’ve ever worked with and I seriously can not wait to get there every day to see them and do the workout. Fair warning though, if you think this is just another gym you can show up and half a$$ a lame workout, you better look for a Planet Fitness instead because there is no way these guys are going to let you stay fat, lazy, and weak 😉

Kaitlin Viola

…Since joining CrossFit 033 and changing my diet to a Paleo lifestyle I have dropped 28 lbs and 4 pants sizes! For the first time I know that my goal is attainable. That’s a significant accomplishment for me given the fact that I had convinced myself that I would be overweight for the rest of my life! But in addition to the physical changes that have happened, my mental health has improved significantly. CrossFit has improved my outlook on life and my self confidence in all aspects of my life.

Shelly Sundie

I’m not a bragger, but Glenn Perra Jr told me today was my 6 month CrossFit anniversary and it reminded me of where I was when I started working out-just coming off chemo, radiation, hair loss and a feeding tube. You guys have taken me so far in such a short time. I never encouraged my patients to do this type of exercise, but with the right guidance it can see now that it works for anyone-even me.

Dr. Bob