Since CrossFit Relentless underwent an ownership change in the spring of 2016, hundreds of members have seen their fitness improve, both in terms of gym performance, and, more importantly, in lifestyle. Below is just a sampling – keep reading to hear it straight from our members themselves!

I started at CrossFit Relentless back in April 2017 and my only regret is not signing up sooner. I wanted to find a gym where I left the workouts feeling strong and fit; which is exactly what I got at CrossFit Relentless. The positive atmosphere along with the encouragement and motivation from the coaches is what makes such a thriving environment for all athletes. After just five months my performance has improved more than I ever could have imagined and I owe it all to the coaches at CrossFit Relentless!

Emily Skane - August Member of the Month


Emily Skane

I joined CrossFit Relentless (CFR) in September of 2014. After attending four to five classes a week for a year or so, I really began to enjoy the Olympic barbell movements that were programmed into the workouts.  As a result, I began participating as a member of Viking Barbell Club at CFR in their Olympic lifting programming. In the last six months with the barbell club, I have added more than 90 pounds to my lifts and have competed in two USAW sanctioned weightlifting meets in the state of Connecticut. My experiences at CFR have been incredibly fun and challenging. Throughout, the coaches have been amazingly supportive of my goals and me.  In addition, the community at CFR is wonderful! Even on days when the lifting is feeling bad, the people are good.

Andrea Courtemanche

Relentless is my second home.  The location was my initial draw – as it was near my daughter’s gymnastics school.  However, my daughter switched schools and I continue to make the trek (35-40 min each way) because of the people.

The owner’s take pride in providing a great atmosphere and plenty of equipment.  They listen to the needs of the members and make suggested changes when applicable.  They provide ample opportunity to train with plenty of classes throughout the day and a lenient open door policy for those of us who are on different training programs/protocols.

The coaching staff is some of the best and most caring I have encountered.  They cover a wide range of coaching styles and expertise, and always have your best interest in mind as they make suggestions. You may find you learn barbell techniques best from one coach, but need the enthusiasm from a different coach to test out those skills in a WOD. You’re guaranteed to find a coach that challenges you and wants to help you attain your goals!

There is a private Facebook group that allows everyone to get to know each other a little bit better (who are those early morning people!?). Training logs are kept on Wodify, which allows member interaction and the all important leaderboard for us competitive types.  And the members…some of my best friends are the product of training at Relentless!


Sarah Eyre

I firmly believe that joining CFR has been one of the better decisions I have made. CFR has not only made me a stronger, faster, better athlete but the gym and community has also strengthened qualities that are often found outside the gym such as accountability and consistently working to be the best that you can. All the coaches consistently push you so that you can reach your personal best and are willing to help you if you have additional goals you would like to achieve. I personally have seen myself get stronger each month I have been a member, and I truly believe it’s because of the coaches and the programming that consistently forces you out of your comfort zone. One of the best parts for me is the community aspect of CFR and being with other people who all want to improve themselves or achieve similar fitness goals. Everyone is supportive and being able to compete against others within class but then also celebrate their PR’s is something you do not find in other gyms. I think anyone who has ever thought about CrossFit should try CFR and see that it’s not as hard or intimidating as they think it is, and that everyone from the coaches to the newest member are there to support them.

Marcus Andersen - June Member of the Month!

Marcus Andersen

“Ive been a member At Crossfit Relentless for 5+ years.  Erik and His staff are the best in the business and have built and awesome community.  I’ve visited many different boxes over the years, but none compare to CFR.  The facilities, Coaches, programs and equipment are all topnotch.

I’m quite appreciative of Erik and his staff for going above and beyond to help me to achieve my personal fitness goals.  The recent addition of the Competitive and Oly Program are amazing.  I also love the addition of the On-ramp program, Which I think is the perfect primer for new Crossfit athletes.  When you’re ready to take your fitness to the next level check out Crossfit Relentless.”

When Should You Go Rx?

Chris Bryant

After nearly a year at CrossFit Relentless my progress has completely exceeded expectations. I’m stronger, fitter, more flexible and still improving. I struggled for years to find a way of exercising that I would stick with but the varied programming, great coaches and awesome community keep me coming back.

Mitch Taylor