2018 Goals: Don’t Think Big; Think Big Picture

By Derek McDermott

Now that 2018 has ticked over in our calendars, we may have spent time looking back on our 2017 goals, and thinking about what we want to set our sights on for this year. In my opinion, a lot of folks overthink the entire process on setting goals.

Many of us set performance goals. Maybe we want to snatch more, run faster, or squat heavier. I say, take a large step back. The practical reality for many of us is that goal setting is not so black and white. What I’m trying to get at is that given how many of you have kids/full time job/busy lives and more, I don’t see how setting a few arbitrary number goals is beneficial for everyone. I say, let’s look at the bigger picture.

Do you have a nagging back/knee injury?
Are you inconsistent on getting to the gym?
Do you get frustrated when your workouts don’t go as planned?

Don't Think Big; Think Big Picture

“Wellness” must occur BEFORE “Fitness”

If you answered “Yes”, or even “Maybe,” to any of the above questions, let’s start there.

Goal 1: Let’s plan on daily mobility/physical therapy and achieve full range of movements.
Goal 2: Let’s get to the gym a minimum of 3 days a week for 4 months.
Goal 3: Let’s corral our emotional self and have fun during the WOD.

All the above goals, in my opinion, are more meaningful than say a 350-pound back squat. What are you achieving in your daily life with a 350-pound back squat that you cannot do with your current 300-pound back squat?

Don't Think Big; Think Big Picture

Courtesy of www.biomechfit.com

For 2018, I’m taking my own advice and I’m getting away from traditional performance based goals. Ironically, those three goals above are mine for the 2018 year. This is the first year that I’m not letting the CrossFit season dictate my goals. The Open may be less than 60 days away but it’s not my focus this year. Consistency and health are my focus.

If I can quiet down my back/knee injury, be more consistent in working out while keeping my emotional focus on the big picture, I know it will lead to a happier and healthier 2018.
Keep your eyes on the prize and think big picture. Getting that ring muscle up may be a sexy goal, but is that what you REALLY want and/or need? Start thinking about it and write them on the back of our whiteboard.

See you in the gym!
-Coach D-