Stop Dealing with Nagging Injuries:

By Derek McDermott

Stop Dealing with Nagging Injuries


We have some exciting news for all of you in the CrossFit Relentless Family! We have officially partnered with Select Physical Therapy (specifically their Bloomfield II Location) to offer FREE injury and movement assessments! On a regular basis, we will have a clinical professional (Athletic Trainer and/or Physical Therapist) on site, in our gym, for you to get that nagging injury looked at. Our goal is simple; we want active and healthy members! (We do not have any financial incentives associated with this partnership).

Have a weird click in the knee that was not there last week? Do you have tight shoulders and avoid overhead movements? Do you frequently get neck pain when sitting at your computer all day? Have you recently “tweaked” something? All of those are examples of what Select Physical Therapy will be here to help you with. That being said, if you have been experiencing very sharp pain or if you have radiating back pain, those are things best meant for your doctor.

Now that we have squared away exactly what they are here to help you with, I want to reaffirm that the 15-minute consultation is FREE! They will offer their professional advice and can even recommend exercises to do at home or in the gym. They also may offer additional services (such as Dry Needling or Active Release Therapy) that would need to be performed at their clinic in Bloomfield. Such services, if you would like to try them, are not complimentary.

Personally speaking, I started seeing Chris Hayes (Physical Therapist and Clinic Manager at Bloomfield II Location) for one of my shoulders. The Bloomfield II location shares a floor with my orthopedic surgeon who recommended some physical therapy with Chris as he specializes in shoulders and overhead sports (think baseball). My issue was not mobility, I had plenty of that; stability in the joint was the problem. I spent a few months working with Chris and Brie, and after much success, I have even recommended them to a few of our members. Never once was their recommendation to “Stop CrossFit” or “Don’t go overhead.” They both were college athletes and understand that injuries are part of “game” in all sports, CrossFit included.  As a coach, I truly try not to prescribe additional work or certain exercises unless they’re something I’ve done myself. So, I wouldn’t recommend Chris and Brie if I couldn’t vouch for them personally. Their professionalism and skill as practitioners are the main reasons we have set up this partnership.

Erik and I are dedicated to providing the best CrossFit experience possible, but we know that cannot happen if you’re injured and not able to come in to the gym. In the very near future we will be emailing you a sign-up list to get on the schedule. All the appointment times will be on a first come/first serve basis as we will not allow walk-ins. To make it fair to all, we will rotate morning/evening hours so that all members will have an opportunity to take advantage of this free service.

We hope you all take full advantage of this opportunity, as space is limited. Each two-hour block will only have 8 appointment times (every 15 minutes), so we have a feeling they will fill up quick! Reach out to Coach Derek if you have any questions!

Stay healthy, and see you in the gym!

-Coach D